About Azobé

Azobé is a special commodity sourced from Middle and Central Africa. The wood is also called ironwood due to its high strength property. Azobé is a deciduous hardwood that can grow up to 50 m high in favourable conditions.

We only sell certified Azobé.


Azobé is characterised by the reddish sapwood and nearly chocolate brown heartwood. The trunk can be clean for many meters. When the wood is dry, it is very heavy and cannot float.

The wood is especially suitable as harbour timber for saltwater as it can tolerate teredo.

Processing and protection

Azobé can be used without further protection as the heartwood is extremely durable when exposed to the elements, fungal and insect attacks. Azobé is also resistant to pests in water.

The wood is difficult to process and requires the right tools.

Frøslev sells this tree species on request.