Frøslev SUPRO

Terrace system with concealed assembly

Bare feet on the terrace on a hot summer day - this is now possible with the Frøslev SUPRO click system - an invisible installation system for laying terraces. The result is a completely smooth surface with no screw holes!

The concealed assembly system provides a smart and smooth surface on your terrace. There are no screw holes to collect moisture and dirt, and the terrace id perfect for walking barefoot on a hot summer day. The assembly clips facilitate the task, and the variable spacer controls the space so that it becomes completely uniform and you get the exact width requested. At the same time, there is space between the terrace boards and the substructure which allows air circulation so that the joists dry faster in wet weather and ensure a durable substructure with a long life.

All in all: a beautiful result that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Benefits and assembly

SUPRO can be used for both NTR pressure-impregnated terrace boards, Siberian larch or Frøslev Heatwood. The special profile design enables the clip to take hold of the rounding on the bottom side of the profile, and the board is stable and firm. The displaced mounting of the clips also allows the wood to work - when it contracts or expands depending on the weather.

The assembly is concealed from start to finish as the clips can be halved in the first and last row. If a terrace board is damaged, it is easy to replace and install a new one without being able to tell afterwards.


The following profile and brackets are necessary to install the SUPRO click system

Frøslev profile 5126

  • Smoothly dressed terrace board with groove for SUPRO assembly clips.
  • Cover: 145 mm plus 5 mm distance*
  • Consumption: 6.67 lbm per m2

SUPRO assembly clips 

  • Quantity: 100 or 400 pieces per box
  • Material: Composite
  • Consumption: 23 pieces per m2
  • Aluminium screws included

*) The distance can be adjusted as desired.

Assembly instructions SUPRO
Assembly instructions SUPRO