Frøslev TIGA

Design with care

Frøslev TIGA click system is an invisible installation system for custom-designed profiles in Frøslev Heatwood. The TIGA click System is simple, easy and safe to install, and design and function are in focus.

The new TIGA click system creates a unique design of the façade. Together with the Frøslev Heatwood special profiles, the system creates a vibrant shade with 3D effect as well as space and lightness to the façade. The hidden click system protects the surface of the façade against the elements and helps protect the construction of the building. The final result creates a unique façade that will eventually patinate into a beautiful, silvery grey shade.

Easy to install

No expert is required to install the TIGA click system. The user-friendly set-up ensures assembly without the use of special tools. The wood profiles are fixed without screws using the click system installed directly on the façade. The TIGA click system eliminates visible holes from screws and nails in the profiles.

Follow the simple step-by-step installation instructions and enjoy the beautiful result.

The following profile and brackets are necessary to install the TIGA click system:

Frøslev Heatwood profile 5453

  • Cover: 56 mm (63 mm with brackets)
  • Consumption: 15.9 lbm per m2

TIGA fittings

  • Quantity: 100 pieces per box
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Consumption: 28 pieces per m2

TIGA starter bracket

  • Quantity: 25 pieces per bag
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Consumption: 1.7 per lbm of façade
  • Screws included.
Assembly instructions TIGA