The original Frøslev system fence

A Frøslev system fence is the perfect way to emphasise environment and space in the yard, to create a shelter or provide a shield from the outside world - beautifully made garden fencing with quality wood ensures a finish that matches your home. We are so confident in the quality and durability of Frøslev system fences that we provide a 20-year durability guarantee.

Quality and finish

Modern fences are not only meant to keep the world out or the dog in. They form the framework around your life, and Frøslev system fences create a solution that uses quality, design and finish to help emphasise your style and make the most of the opportunities.

Frøslev system fencing is the original concept that makes it easy for you to make a fence in the format and design you want. We make sure that the quality and durability are among the best on the market and that you can easily install the fence yourself.

More than a fence

We call it Frøslev system fencing because all the elements fit together, no matter how you choose to combine them. This means that you can also use the solution to much more than fencing - the only limit is your imagination. In other words: We have thought of everything when it comes to design, and you therefore get a solution that is customised to the Danish climate without compromising on the environment. This means a powerful solution that will form the framework of your home for many years to come. Guaranteed!

Innovative solutions

Be inspired to use Frøslev system fencing for more than 'just' a fence. We have put together a palette of do-it-yourself projects. Find more information here LINK!

Step-by-step guide to choosing the right fence

Follow the steps below and make the choices that meet your specific requirements and requests.

1. Select profile

Start by choosing the profile with which to build your fence. The profiles say everything about your fence. Choose it to match the surroundings - is it to be erected next to a modern, newly built house, an old villa or a log cabin? 

There are 7 different profiles to choose from. The simplest look is obtained by choosing the same profile for the entire fence.

  • Double overlap profile
  • Lath profile
  • Block house profile
  • Biscuit joint profile
  • Biscuit joint design profile
  • V-joint profile
  • Facet Profile

Double overlap profile - Overlap is a classic profile with a symmetrical design. If provides an extra option as the double overlap is rough on one side and dressed on the other side. The double overlap profile is the most popular fencing profile from Frøslev.

Lath profile - The lath profile is a characteristic profile that resembles the old raft fences but without the spaces, and the fence is therefore windproof. 

Block house profile - Solid and rounded profile with a soft shape that fits most places. Because of the rounded shape, the fence does not seem too solid, and the profile design makes it a natural choice, especially for log houses.

Biscuit joint profile - Profile design with a different look with a 'drip nose’ that provides a nice shadow effect.

Biscuit joint design profile - The biscuit joint is also available as a design profile with half the profile height which can be combined with the regular biscuit joint profile. 

V-joint profile - The angular and simple design of the profile provides a different look where the fence surface is broken by narrow, horizontal lines that form a light shadow.


Facet profile - The facet profile has an edged look with a sharp v-joint between the horizontal profiles supplemented with vertical grooves that are moulded directly into the fence boards. This provides a geometric surface play and a quite unique look.

2. Choose wood type and colour

Depending on the chosen fence profile, there are options and rejections of wood types and colours. There is a total of 7 options - see whether your particular profile is available in the variant mentioned. 

  • Pine, pressure-impregnated green
  • Pine, pressure-impregnated brown
  • Siberian larch
  • Spruce, black RAL 9005
  • Spruce, white RAL 9010
  • Spruce, anthracite RAL 7016
  • Spruce, mahogany transparent

Painted profiles

You can create your very own look with the coloured Frøslev system fencing. Choose from the 4 colours mentioned above. You can combine the various colours and create a unique and colourful fencing solution that elegantly accentuates your home. All profiles and top boards are made of high-quality spruce and are delivered primed and initially surface-treated. The posts are NTR grade A pressure-impregnated and subsequently surface-treated.

Profiles and posts have been primed once and painted once. We use water-based paint.

Final treatment of painted profiles

NOTE! Please note that the painted spruce profiles are NOT finished. After installation, the entire fence must have a final surface treatment so that cut surfaces are sealed with paint and screw holes and joints are covered. At receipt of the material for the fence, minor handling and punch marks may occur. These will disappear during the last surface treatment.

Maintenance of painted profiles

Painted products must be finalised once the fence is installed and continuously maintained with suitable water-based wood preservatives such as GORI 99 Extreme. Once the preliminary work has been completed, the fence will last for many years.

3. Select top profile

The top profiles are available as either round or angular and provide a nice finish to the fence.

However, the top profile should not only be chosen because of the appearance of the fence - the top profile also has a practical significance to the fence as it offers protection against the elements. The top profile functions as an overhang over the fence profiles and protects the cross-grained wood of the posts. At the same time, the top profiles stabilise the construction.

So - no fence without a top profile.

  • Round top profile
  • Oblique top profile

Round top profile - The round top profile provides a soft finish on all fencing profiles. For example, it goes well with the Block house profile.

Oblique top profile - The oblique top profile provides an angular look and is the obvious choice combined with e.g. an overlap profile.

4. Select post

Find out if you want cylindrical or square posts between the spans. The length and angles of the fence determine how many and which ones to choose, respectively.

The posts are available in 7 different variants: square and cylindrical, respectively. You are guaranteed full flexibility in the design.

All square posts can also be laminated. The ordinary post is made of one solid piece of wood, and the laminated post is composed of 2 pieces of wood, minimising the risk of cracks and warps. Square posts in Siberian larch are only available as laminated.

  • H-post
  • End post
  • Corner post - 3 angles
  • T-post
  • Centre post

H-post - used for joints between two spans and extends the fence in the same direction.

End post - used to finish the fence at both ends.

Corner post 90° - used to form a 90° angle of the fence.

Corner post 45° - used when an oblique angle that is not 90° is requested.

Corner post 22° - used when a moderate angle of the fence is requested.

T-post - used for assembly where three sides are to meet.


Centre post - used for assembly where 4 sides meet.

5a garden gate option

If the fence surrounds the entire garden, a garden gate may be needed - this is of course also an option available with Frøslev system fencing. The gates are available in all fencing profiles and with several heights and widths.

  • Width 90 cm - available in 3 heights depending on the selected profile
  • Width 120 cm - available in 3 heights depending on the selected profile
  • The gates are delivered as finish-assembled including 2 heavy posts, hinges, locking units and screws and bolts. 

When installing the garden gate, there are several things to be aware of.

In order to make the construction as stable as possible, founding must be done around the gate posts, and top profiles up to the gate posts must extend over 2 spans as far as possible.

Note that the height of the gate is always lower than the actual fence. To get straight lines between the fence and the gates, it is important that the bottom profile of the fence has 4 cm of air from the ground. The air under the gate will vary from model to model. In addition, the number of profiles in the fence must follow the height of the gate.

5b - trellis option

The trellis sections allow for light, air and not least variety when designing your fence and can be combined with all profiles. Let the summer blossoms wind up the trellis, or tie fruit trees to the fence. 3 variants are available.

  • Trellis section - whole span with mesh size 15 x 15 cm
  • Trellis section - whole span with mesh size 22 x 22 cm
  • Trellis element - top trellis for the fence with mesh size 15 x 15 cm

The trellis sections are delivered unassembled while the trellis element is delivered as finish-assembled.


5c - LED light option

Create an impressive setting for your home with exclusive LED lighting integrated in the Frøslev system fence. It provides a different outdoor lighting that accentuates the other lamps with a beautiful and functional light.

The LED strip is hidden in the top profile and is connected to a transformer. The length of 1.85 meters fits the profile spans and can be connected up to a length of 15 meters.

Find more information about LED lighting here > LINK!


The FSC mark is your guarantee for responsible logging and improved living conditions for the local population in forests around the world - from tropical rainforests to Swedish coniferous forests.

FSC works to spread responsible forestry worldwide and helps look after the forests for future generations. Frøslev is a member of FSC Danmark.

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